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Dyno Power Run

If you'd like a detailed power printout to see how your car is performing, you can get 3 runs on the Dyno for just £75

£319 From £225 Don't Need the dyno?

Stage 1, 2 & Eco

A great way to keep the cost down, we can offer our Stage 1, Stage 2 and Eco focussed maps without the dyno

£189 £120 Power with the printout.


Already tuned? is your gearbox keeping up? TCU tuning is available in addition to our tuning packages or as a standalone, contact us for more info.

£599 £549*
Fully custom dyno map

Custom dyno map

The ultimate option for a map that's fine tuned to your specific vehicle & components, you can opt for our totally custom steady-state dyno tune

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