Apex EC-7RS Alloy Wheel 19x13 ET45 Centrelock Motorsport Gold PSCL

Apex EC-7RS Alloy Wheel 19x13 ET45 Centrelock Motorsport Gold PSCL

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Apex Forged Alloy Wheel. The right balance of strength vs. weight that is a meaningful upgrade over our flow formed line. Independently tested and certified so you don't have to take our word for it. We're transparent and verifiable.

These wheels start as a cylinder of extruded aluminum that is forged by a die under 10,000 tons of pressure. This extreme pressure increases the strength of the material by eliminating porosity and improving the grain structure within the aluminum. It creates the perfect blank canvas to start from for our ultimate wheels.

he designs and sizes offered by many companies are constrained by the blanks they can source from suppliers. What we found didn't meet all our needs so we also designed and developed our own dies to stamp blanks that meet our exact specifications. The result? Our wheels can be made in the key sizes needed for racing.

Forged doesn't mean strong. Many forged wheels focus on weight reduction so much that they end up with the same load rating as cast wheels. Think all forged wheels are stronger than cast or flow formed? Think again! We added up to 1,000 pounds of extra load capacity per vehicle compared to our flow formed line.

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